Canal March

Romantic Boleros

Ángel Sanzo, piano

Franz Liszt: "L'invito", from Rossini's Soirées musicales S. 424, and Fryderyk Chopin: Bolero en La menor Op. 19

During the nineteenth century, Spain became an exotic country in the eyes of the Europeans, and the bolero became the musical symbol of this exoticism. In this context, various pianists would turn to the bolero rhythm in the composition of their works. For example, Franz Liszt would transcribe “L’invito”, one of the twelve songs forming part of the collection of songs titled Soirées musicales, which Giacomo Rossini had published in 1835. For his part, Fryderyk Chopin, interested in diverse national dances (such as the mazurka, polonaise, tarantella or the bolero itself) composes his ambitious Bolero Op. 19 between 1833 and 1834.

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