Canal March

Teresa Berganza: "Singing is an act of love"

Teresa Berganza in conversation with Antonio San José

For Teresa Berganza singing is an act of love. In her opinion, the best present life has given her (apart from her children) is having had the opportunity to live passionately, to sing the music she has sung and on the stages on which she has done so, and that she has been loved and applauded (in that order). In this conversation with Antonio San José, she speaks about the figures she has admired and with whom she has sung: Maria Callas and Karajan; about her teacher, Lola Rodríguez de Aragón, whose teachings she tries to instil in her pupils. She expresses her reservations about some present-day stage directors who, with the pretense of being transgressors, show little respect for the music, text and period of works. She suggests that music shouldn’t be excluded from teaching syllabuses and that it reach all corners of the world.

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