Canal March

FALL 2013. Upcoming lectures

The series “Surrealisms…”, presented by Juan José Lahuerta, María Tausiet, Luis d’Ors and Román Gubern, marks the beginning of the program of lectures at the Fundación Juan March. The fourth silent-film cycle, which will focus on “The Comedy”, will also take place in October. And more cinema, with Carlos Saura, who will converse with Antonio San José on 11 October, while there is also room for literature in October with Javier Cercas and a series about Bécquer, who will be portrayed by Jesús Rubio Jiménez.
In November, we will step up to the stage to meet Calixto Bieito and take a closer look at Verdi, with Gabriel Menéndez Torrellas.
In the current times of crisis, Juan José Tamayo proposes cultivating utopia in a Philosophy Seminar.
On 21 November, Félix de Azúa will feature in his Intellectual Autobiography in conversation with Eduardo Arroyo.
"Who is this writer? Thanks to whom?" Félix Grande will respond to these questions in Poetics and Poetry.
On 5 November, in Conversations at the Fundación with Antonio San José, our guest will be José María Pérez “Peridis”.
And in December, a journey through one of the most beautiful and fascinating products of the mythical Middle Ages: “Gothic Cathedrals” in a cycle presented by José Luis Corral, Javier Martínez de Aguirre and José Ángel García de Cortázar.
And in between, on 6 & 7 December the film Safety Last! presented by Carlos Heredero.
And as a final corollary on 13 December, Luis Eduardo Aute, with Antonio San José.