Canal March

Marisa Manchado's Siete piezas para Iris

Iris Azquinezer, cello

Siete piezas para Iris by Marisa Manchado (world premiere)

These pieces were specifically conceived, in 2003, for the cellist Iris Azquinezer, the daughter of one of the composer’s good friends, who finally premiered them at the Fundación Juan March. The work consists of seven miniatures that explore the cello’s registers evoking oneiric and reiterative sounds (“Soñando” - “Dreaming”-), followed by imitations of various elements from nature and atmospheric phenomena ( “Un día en el campo” - “A Day in the Countryside” -, “El mirlo negro” - “Blackbird” -, “Aire” - “Air” -, “Por el sendero” - “Along the Path” -, “El lago azul” - “The Blue Lake” -, “Las hojas verdes” - “Green Leaves” -).

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