Canal March

Presentation of The Doll (1919)

Eduardo Rodríguez Merchán

“The Doll” (1919) inaugurates the “Comedy Film” cycle. Eduardo Rodríguez Merchán reviews the eight films forming this cycle, which in his opinion represent “the Golden Age of comedy”, in the transition from a sense of humour using caricature and based on body language, towards a more refined sense of humour in which dialogue predominates. “The Doll” pertains to the director Lubitsch’s early period, which adheres to the expressionist aesthetic. With a script based on the short story “The Sandman” by E.T.A. Hoffmann, the film dares to treat controversial themes such as marriage for self-interest, misogyny or monastic asceticism in a burlesque way. Of particular note is the expressiveness of the leading actress Ossi Oswalda.

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