Canal March

Memoirs of the Foundation (October-November 2013)

Araceli Mangas, Fernando García de Cortázar, Pilar Carbonero and Francisco Rodríguez Adrados

The journalist Íñigo Alfonso selects some of the topics that stood out in the testimonies of his guests, who were all one-time recipients of a scholarship or grant from the Fundación Juan March. He highlights the importance of persevering with the European project, which emerged from his interview with Araceli Mangas, underlining Fernando García de Cortázar’s defence of history as a commitment to the present and the need for the standardization of transgenic plants as a way of solving food problems according to Pilar Carbonero. Finally, he draws attention to Francisco Rodríguez Adrados’s concern for the progressive neglect of classical studies in today’s education systems.

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