Canal March

Germán Alonso's In heaven everything is fine

Sigma Project: Andrés Gomis, Josetxo Silguero, Miguel Romero, y Ángel Soria

Germán Alonso: "In heaven everything is fine", for saxophone quartet (Version with light space)

Germán Alonso’s career is characterised by his interest in electroacoustics, timbral research and irony. The premiere of In Heaven Everything is Fine (2011), in a version with a lighting design created by Alonso himself, took place at the Fundación Juan March on 30 October 2013. In the work, the composer strives to eliminate any trace of narrativity in accordance with the Surrealist universe of David Lynch, which served as the inspiration for the title, using a dialogue between light and sound emphasizing the idea of discontinuity.

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