Canal March

Presentation of Seven Years Bad Luck (1921)

Fernando Lara

Fernando Lara highlights the compression of the most striking characteristics of Max Linder’s works into the film “Seven Years Bad Luck”, which he wrote, directed and starred in. Fernando Lara contextualizes the successful career of the Frenchman Max Linder, who would become one of the best-known figures in European cinema during the early decades of the twentieth century with the multinational film company Pathé. With his characterization of the dandy in the Belle Époque style, Linder’s stock character is symbolic of the aesthetic of an entire era. A French-American coproduction filmed in Hollywood, in Fernando Lara’s opinion, “Seven Years Bad Luck” (1921) is Linder’s greatest masterpiece. He points out that the film’s comedy is based on the creation of situations, which replaced the gag in the comedy-film tradition. With a gripping plot, the film’s memorable mirror scene has gone down in the history of cinema.

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