Canal March

Offenbach's Barcarole

Coro Intermezzo del Teatro Real. Andrés Máspero, Conductor. Miguel Ángel Arqued, piano

Works by J. Offenbach y A. Vives

Conceived as The Elves’ Song for Die Rheinnixen, the “Barcarolle” from The Tales of Hoffmann (Les contes d’Hoffmann) is Offenbach’s best-known work today. Offenbach also composed the canon “Soyez Pitoyables” from the operetta Les bringands, in which the brigand chieftain notes: “Everybody steals according to their position in society”. The Coro Intermezzo’s performance concludes with the “Coro de románticos” from the zarzuela Doña Francisquita. This number was orchestrated by Pablo Luna, as the composer, Amadeo Vives, was recovering from illness at the time and had to turn to some of his friends (Turina, Del Campo, Rosillo) to complete the score.

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