Canal March

FALL 2014. Upcoming Lectures

The Fundación Juan March’s lecture program once again offers a new encounter with philosophy, knowledge and creation. The autobiographical reflections of José Álvarez Junco, Antonio Escohotado and Fredric Jameson will help us understand their intellectual careers. Assessed by Eduardo Martínez de Pisón, the series The Search for the Limits takes us on a journey through expeditions to remote areas, from the seabed to outer space, the highest mountain peaks, American nature, the Arctic and Antarctica, and the Valley of the Kings in Egypt. In conjunction with the exhibition about the futurism of Fortunato Depero, a series of lectures will describe this multi-faceted artist and the Italian avant-garde movement. Our literature section looks at the figures of Thomas Mann and Garcilaso de la Vega, and the narrative skill of Manuel Longares, while the theme of the next silent-film season will be detective films. As part of the interviews category, in Conversations at the Fundación, the gallery owner and art collector Soledad Lorenzo, the director of the Prado Museum Miguel Zugaza, and the diplomat and essayist Shlomo Ben Ami will converse with Antonio San José, and the guests of Memories of the Fundación with Íñigo Alfonso will be the economist Ramón Tamames, the photographer Cristina García Rodero and the poet Antonio Colinas. Meanwhile, in the new format for this season, Antonio San José and Iñigo Alfonso will analyse important issues the make up today’s social reality with leading experts in The Burning Issue.