Canal March

Viols in dialogue

Paolo Pandolfo and Amélie Chemin, violas da gamba

Works by T. Hume, F. Couperin, J. de Sainte-Colombe, J. S. Bach and C. Schaffrath

This dialogue between two viols combines British, French and German works. Tobias Hume, an English soldier and viol player composed noteworthy pieces based on dance rhythms that often featured touches of humour. In France, a wide range of composers, with characters as varied as those of François Couperin and the mysterious Jean de Sainte-Colombe devoted their efforts to this instrument, while composers including Christoph Schaffrath and Johann Sebastian Bach himself did so in Germany. The latter’s Suite No. 5 for unaccompanied cello can be heard here in a transcription for viola by Paolo Pandolfo.

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