Canal March

George Sand: the Life She Chose to Live

Anna Caballé

Coinciding with the publication of Indiana, her first solo novel, Aurore Dupin changed her name to George Sand and began to wear men’s clothes in literary circles. She had several romantic relationships that caused an uproar among her peers: with the actress Marie Dorval (a relationship which inspired her novel Lélia), the young poet Alfred de Musset, with whom she travelled to Venice, and the doctor who treated her in this Italian city. After her breakup with the composer Frédéric Chopin, with whom she lived in Majorca and Nohant, she wrote her autobiography and the novel Consuelo. She was a much-criticised woman by the society of her time, but was also defended by great writers including Balzac and Flaubert. In Marianne, her last novel, she advocated the ideal of female emancipation and women controlling their feelings instead of giving in to them.

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