Canal March

SPRING 2015. Upcoming lectures

Theatre and literature are embedded in Alfredo Sanzol’s and Ernesto Caballero’s reflections, together with a series of lectures about Valle-Inclán and the brand-new format World Literature, in Spanish with sessions about Rimbaud & Verlaine and Emily Dickinson; Latin-American fiction is also present with a tribute to Juan Carlos Onetti. Various series of lectures offer an immersion into ancient history with analyses of ancient Mediterranean cities and the Dead Sea Manuscripts, together with an in-depth study of the Art Déco style. Portraits of outstanding figures in cultural history including Giacomo Casanova, Blaise Pascal and Alexis de Tocqueville will also be presented, as well as a journey through the Intellectual Autobiography of Carlos García Gual in conversation with Javier Gomá. “Sentimental Democracy” is the title of the new Philosophy Seminar, while in the interviews category, in Conversations at the Fundación Antonio San José’s guests will be Pedro Duque, Inma Shara, Diego Hidalgo, Manuel Gutiérrez Aragón and Rafael Yuste, in Memories of the Fundación Íñigo Alfonso will interview Antón García Abril, Carmen Alborch, Ángel Sánchez de la Torre, Jordi Teixidor and Gregorio del Olmo, and new sessions of The Burning Issue will analyse independence movements, globalisation, and the future and present of Europe. And the silent film cycle of detective movies concludes with The Lodger, Orlac Hände, Varieté, Underworld and The Cat and the Canary.