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Instrumental Rarities: the piano-pédalier

Roberto Prosseda, piano-pédalier

Charles Valentin Alkan: "Poco Adagio, in E minor" from 13 Prières Op. 64 and "Lento-Sostenuto, in B flat major" from 11 grands préludes Op. 66. Charles Gounod: Marche funebre d'une marionette (arr. by Giuseppe Lupis)

The piano-pédalier was exhibited at the London (1851) and Paris (1855) universal exhibitions, where the virtuoso Charles Valentin Alkan performed some pieces on it. The interest in this “rarity” would lead Alkan to compose his 13 Prières Op. 64 and his 11 Grands Préludes Op. 66 (both premiered in Spain by Roberto Prosseda). The rebirth of the instrument in recent years has sparked the interest of composers like Giuseppe Lupis, who made an interesting arrangement of Gounod’s Marche Funèbre pour une Marionnette.

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