Canal March

Conrado del Campo's Tríos no. 1 and 2

Garnati Ensemble

Conrado del Campo: Trio N º 1 in A minor(1st modern times performance) y Trio Nº 2 in G Major (premiere)

The Garnati Ensemble gave the first modern-day performance of Conrado del Campo’s Trio No. 1 in A minor. Premiered in 1931, this work stands out for its virtuosic writing, with modal passages and a dense harmonic treatment that, in spite of the usual classifications, cannot be described as “Germanic”. The ensemble also gave the world premiere of his Trio No. 2 in G major. Composed in 1930, it demonstrates refined melodies that are interwoven to generate a fine harmonic tapestry. As in the previous case, the work reflects the influence that Neoclassicism exerted over the composer during this period.

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