Canal March

When death is not a tragedy

Ignacio Amestoy in dialogue with Javier Huerta Calvo. Performance by Ainhoa Amestoy and Eloy Azorín

What kind of theatre should one write?, Ignacio Amestoy asks in his lecture “When death is not a tragedy”, in which, inspired by Bauman, he reflects on “liquid” scenes –of pure entertainment– and “solid” scenes –which he favours– and which form the framework for the kind of theatre that, like a “disturbing” mirror, dares to question everything and makes the viewer a co-creator. In his discussion with Javier Huerta Calvo, he reflects on tragedy, the feminine universe, the Basque Country, the influence of his teachers: Antonio Buero Vallejo, and his work, which is performed in a short piece by the actors Ainhoa Amestoy and Eloy Azorín.

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