Canal March

Tango popular y tango erudito

Suvi Myöhänen, violin; Claudio Constantini, piano and bandoneon, and Carles Marín, piano

Works by A. Piazzolla, A. Ginastera, J. Plaza, S. Piana, C. Gardel, C. Guastavino, P. Paulos, J. de Caro and E. M. Francini

Suvi Myöhänen, Claudio Constantini and Carles Marín perform compositions inspired by Argentinian folklore and all kinds of tangos. The tango from the slums, which originated in Río de la Plata at the end of the nineteenth century, would be converted into a sung tango by performers including Carlos Gardel. During the 1960s, the tango would be infused with new rhythms and harmonies, giving rise to an erudite form of the tango, fusing certain elements of popular music with jazz and classical counterpoint.

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