Canal March

FALL 2015. Upcoming Lectures

Chekhov, Cavafis and Hölderlin will feature in World Literature, in Spanish. The series “Explorers, Conquistadores and Travellers” will analyse the biographies of important people from Alexander the Great to Cousteau whose expeditions influenced world history. Carmen Iglesias will examine Enlightenment thought in the guise of Montesquieu. Art and music will be present in the reflections of Rafael Canogar, Martín Chirino and Ainhoa Arteta. Andrés Trapiello will present the history of the Rastro. The interviews will continue in Conversations at the Foundation, run by Antonio San José, and Memories of the Foundation, conducted by Íñigo Alfonso; the debates with both journalists also continue in The Burning Issue, in which leading specialists will analyse migration in the Arab world, the Spanish Transition and pharmaceutical industry.
These are just some examples of the lectures programmed at the Fundación Juan March from October to December 2015.