Canal March

Comic Zarzuela. Homage to Guillermo Fernández-Shaw

Carmen Solís, soprano; Carlos Crooke, tenor; Aurelio Viribay, piano

Excerpts from zarzuelas based on libretti written by the "sage" Fernández-Shaw

Carlos, Guillermo and Rafael Fernández-Shaw played a prominent role in the world of late-nineteenth- and early-twentieth century zarzuela. This concert, which includes a dramatised account of the life of Guillermo, pays tribute to this author. In partnership with Federico Romero, he wrote the libretti to La canción del olvido (music by José Serrano), El Caserío (music by Jesús Guridi), Las alondras (music by Jacinto Guerrero) and La chulapona (music by Federico Moreno Torroba).

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