Canal March

Memoirs of the Foundation (March-April 2015)

Jordi Teixidor, Gregorio del Olmo, Alfonso López Quintás, Andreu Mas-Colell, Juan Díez Nicolás and Francisco Fernández-Longoria

The journalist Íñigo Alfonso interviews several public figures who once received scholarships or grants from the Fundación Juan March. The painter Jordi Teixidor reflects on his aesthetic position in relation to several of his creative periods. Gregorio del Olmo, Professor of Semitic Philology, describes his works as a Bible scholar from his knowledge of Jewish culture. The philosopher and teacher Alfonso López-Quintás conducts his current research into the profundity of the ideal of life. The economist Andreu Mas-Colell sets out the arguments for the demand for self-government and respect for the identity of Catalonia. The sociologist Juan Díez Nicolás reviews his pioneering work in the field of opinion polls in Spain during the 1960s and his participation in the process of the Spanish transition to democracy. To conclude, the architect and town planner Francisco Fernández-Longoria discusses his training and his concept of the city and urban design.

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