Canal March

Marco Polo. A Journey as Long as the World

Eduardo Martínez de Pisón

The geographer and mountaineer Eduardo Martínez de Pisón presents the life and times of the late-Medieval merchant and traveller Marco Polo. Using the Book of the Marvels of the World (1298), dictated to the writer Rustichello de Pisa when they were imprisoned in Genoa, he presents a retrospective of his famous trips, which would subsequently become known as a geographical and cultural testimony of the places he visited: Armenia, Persia, Turkey, India, the “land of the Tartars”... Riddled with anecdotes, opinions, classical references and some utopia, in the Martínez de Pisón’s words the work of the Venetian merchant who served the Mongolian Emperor Kublai Khan captures "a milestone in European world exploration”.

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