Canal March

Boris Vian, trumpet player

Josep M. Farràs and Ignasi Terraza Trío (Josep M. Farràs, Ignasi Terraza, Horacio Fumero and Xavier Hinojosa)

Work by S.. Williams, H. B. Smith y J. Kosma, and others

“If I continue playing the trumpet, I’ll be dead in ten years. But I prefer to die and to go on playing the trumpet”. These were the words of Boris Vian, one of the most outstanding jazz trumpeter in post-war Paris, who gave concerts at Parisian clubs and made recordings in a style influenced by the Quintette du Hot Club and by American jazz. Josep M. Farràs and the Ignasi Terraza Trio perform some of the multi-faceted author’s favourite themes, together with original pieces that pay tribute to Vian.

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