Opening of the exhibition "Sound Art in Spain (1961-2016)" Special concert

Opening of the exhibition "Sound Art in Spain (1961-2016)"

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José Iges and José Luis Maire, presentation


The exhibition will be inaugurated with an hour-long dramatised act that will combine experimental music pieces, performances, presentations by participants –guest curators, artists, theorists, poets and musicians–, extracts from radio piezas, fragments of sound pieces and of expanded and experimental film, audio-visual installations and projections. This is a festive, polyphonic and poly-visual event, specifically produced to present the richness and variety of a phenomenon that represents the ambient sound of contemporary Spanish art. Led by Manuel Fontán del Junco and the guest curators (José Iges and José Luis Maire). Also taking part will be Javier Maderuelo, the group GLOTIS, Fernando Millán and Josep María Balanyà.