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A morning at the zarzuela: The beautiful genre

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Mikhail Studyonov, dirección musical y piano
Carlos Crooke, dirección de escena y tenor
Irene Palazón, soprano. César San Martín, barítono.

Emisión del concierto celebrado el 14 de marzo de 2017 en el auditorio de la Fundación Juan March.

Many young people undoubtedly believe that zarzuela is music of the past, more suited to their parents (or even their grandparents) than themselves. But this concert aims to show that this music can be interesting. Using excerpts from the most popular zarzuelas, we are witness to a story of love and jealousy between Virginio, an out-of-work writer, and Felipe, a football addict. Although they are friends, they both vie for the love of the young Cuban girl Cecilia. At the same time, the concert will demonstrate how music helps to define the profile of each character, their intentions and moods.

      1. El género bello, espectáculo de zarzuela (arrangement by Carlos Crooke)