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Rubén Talón, Alexandre Kantorow y Pallavi Mahidhara

Vídeo comisariado a partir de extractos de conciertos celebrados en la Fundación

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Franz Liszt revolutionised pianistic technique and transformed the history of composition forever, paving the way towards Impressionism and atonality. This video reviews some of his most outstanding works and reflects the stylistic richness of his creations.


    1. Rubén Talón
      1. Franz Liszt (1811-1886)
      1. Nuages Gris S199
    2. Alexandre Kantorow
      1. Franz Liszt
      1. Rapsodia húngara nº 11
    3. Rubén Talón
      1. Franz Liszt
      1. Sonata en Si menor S 178
    4. Pallavi Mahidhara
      1. Franz Liszt
      1. Estudio nº 3 en Sol sostenido menor, "La campanella", from Grandes estudios de Paganini S 141
Los intérpretes, por orden de aparición, son Rubén Talón, piano; Alexandre Kantorow, piano y Pallavi Mahidhara, piano