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Portrayal of Ezra Pound

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Kevin Power


  1. Kevin PowerKevin PowerCatedrático de Literatura Norteamericana departamento de Filología Inglesa en la Universidad de Alicante, es también profesor invitado en el Instituto Superior de Artes de La Habana y de las Universidades de Buffalo, San Diego y Tucumán. Ha sido subdirector del Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía. Especialista en arte contemporáneo, es comisario de exposiciones y crítico de arte. Es  autor de varios libros de arte y de catálogos de exposiciones, y de libros de poesía.

The conference wants to cover two opposite focuses, hoping to shine some light over the first one in order to clarify the second one. The first focus will be the Pound of vanguard, the young and dynamic, the Pound worried about doing "something new" and the need to create an English-speaking version of modernism. The strong and self-confident Pound, who was a complicated friend, believer of the new art, and fierce defender of Brzeska, Lewis, Joyce, and Eliot as speakers of the new spirit, an attorney of imagination who through the visual arts moved to a much more dynamic concept, the vortex. And the second focus will be the Pound defender of fascism, compromised with the economical policies of Douglas and the authoritarian vision represented by Mussolini's fascism, a mixture of populism and totalitarianism. The aim would be to draft his relationship with Il Duce, his radio transmissions, his relationships with the powers of the fascist axis, his treason, and the so-called trial.