Educational concerts and teaching materials

Since 1975, groups of students from primary and secondary schools have attended the Recitals for Young People: concerts with a presenter, designed to stimulate the aesthetic and musical experience of adolescents, complemented by teaching guides for use in the classroom. These recitals are open to the general public two Saturdays in the month of December in the Family Concerts format.

Programs for the 2018-2019 season

  • Músicas al encuentro: Jazz y clásica

    Musical encounters: Jazz and classical music

    The history of an encounter between two different musical worlds that, nevertheless, wound up intertwining.

  • África inspira a Occidente. Polirritmias y polifonías

    Africa inspires the West. Poly-rhythms and polyphonies

    Numerous European composers have been inspired by the rhythmic sophistication of African music and the main instruments used.


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