The Fundación Juan March and Music

Music has always formed part of the cultural activity of the Fundación Juan March in three areas: composition, performance and research. A concert series has been presented at its headquarters in Madrid uninterruptedly since 1975. It is currently made up of around 160 recitals, almost one daily (all available in live and pre-recorded broadcasts through the Canal March). The majority of these concerts are presented in series based on a theme, perspective or approach that aspires to provide innovative listening itineraries and distinctive aesthetic experiences. This curatorial approach to programming stimulates the inclusion of very varied ensembles and repertories, from the Medieval to the contemporary era, both of classical music and music from other cultures. In recent years, it has promoted intensive activity in the field of chamber music theatre with the staging of operas, melodramas, ballets and other music-theatre genres.

Otoño digital 2020

De octubre a diciembre de 2020, la programación en Madrid será exclusivamente digital. Emisión de conciertos por Canal March y YouTube y Radio Clásica, de RNE. A partir de esta temporada, los conciertos y conferencias en horario de tarde se iniciarán a las 18:30, precedidos en el caso de los miércoles por una entrevista a las 18h.

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