Postwar Songs
In Commemoration of the Elena Romero and Antonio Fernández-Cid Bequests

31 October 2012
Premieres and Re-premieres:


This new session of Premieres and Re-premieres exclusively consists of songs composed in Spain roughly between 1940 and 1960. The country’s complicated political and social situation during this period undoubtedly explains why the vocal repertory composed during the central years of the twentieth century is largely unknown, especially in comparison to songs from the beginning and later parts of the century. This concert will present a selection of little-known and even hitherto never-performed songs from these years by composers including Conrado del Campo, José Sánchez Gavito and Julio Gómez. To celebrate the recent donations of the personal libraries of the composer Elena Romero (1907-1996) and Antonio Fernández-Cid (1916-1995) to the Fundación Juan March, the concert will also focus on songs by the Madrid-born composer and those dedicated to the music critic.


Starting in 1986 this series of concerts offers works by Spanish composers that, for whatever reason, have not been easy to hear after their premiere, leading, on occasions, to the practical "disappearance" of pieces, in many cases undeservedly.

The Aula de (Re)estrenos (Auditorium of Re-premieres) is not limited to rediscovering works from the past, it is also a space where recent works, either already premiered in other places or yet to be premiered, are presented for the first time in Madrid. All the audio of the previous Aulas, together with the programs, the photographs and other related materials are available in Clamor. Digital library of Spanish Music

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