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8 May 2013
Premieres and Re-premieres:


Since the eighteenth century, when the guitar was no longer exclusively a popular instrument and began to catch the attention of numerous composers, it has been irremediably and intrinsically associated with Spanish culture. This new concert in the Premieres and Re-premieres series presents a selection of recent works for this instrument by nine composers pertaining to different generations, from Leonardo Balada (1933) to Octavio Vázquez (1972), and also including Cruz de Castro, Casablancas, Brotons, Llorca, Del Puerto, Torres and Morales-Caso. As is standard practice in this format, the program includes two world premieres.

Starting in 1986 this series of concerts offers works by Spanish composers that, for whatever reason, have not been easy to hear after their premiere, leading, on occasions, to the practical "disappearance" of pieces, in many cases undeservedly.

The Aula de (Re)estrenos (Auditorium of Re-premieres) is not limited to rediscovering works from the past, it is also a space where recent works, either already premiered in other places or yet to be premiered, are presented for the first time in Madrid. All the audio of the previous Aulas, together with the programs, the photographs and other related materials are available in Clamor. Digital library of Spanish Music

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