Thematic Fridays Repeated on Saturdays

Musical Clichés. Visions of Spain
Travelling virtuosi

9, 10 November 2018
Thematic Fridays: Travelling virtuosi


During the mid-nineteenth century, Spain took full part in a concert circuit of global dimensions. This favoured the tours of virtuosi, who explored the Peninsula and connected with the audience, improvising pieces that were attractive for their difficulty and popular as they were inspired by Spanish themes. These improvisations, which were subsequently notated and performed in their concerts all around the world, helped to disseminate musical clichés associated with Spain.
SERIES: Musical Clichés. Visions of Spain

PDF version of the program "Musical Clichés. Visions of Spain"

Program of the series:

  • (I) Russia sings to Spain (12 and 13 October 2018)
    • Presentation: Andrés Ibáñez
    • Ivo Stánchev and Borja Mariño
    • M. Glinka, A. Dargomyzhsky, M. Balakirev, P. I. Tchaikovksy and D. Shostakovich
  • (II) Travelling virtuosi (9 and 10 November 2018)
    • Presentation: Fernando Delgado
    • Francesco Libetta
    • I. Moscheles, M. Moszkowski, L. Moreau Gottschalk, E. Lecuona, O. de la Cinna, J. Schulhoff, J. Ascher, T. Kullak and F. Liszt
  • (III) The Russian Vision (30 November 2018, 1 December 2018)
    • Presentation: Elena Torres
    • Ana Guijarro and Mariana Gurkova
    • M. Glinka, M. Balakirev and N. Rimski-Kórsakov
  • (IV) La Spagna in Dance (25 and 26 January 2019)
    • Presentation: Pepe Rey
    • Ensemble La Danserye, Diana Campoo and Jorge Vicedo
    • G. A. Dalza, C. Festa, H. Kotter, J. Ghiselin, F. Canova Da Milano, G. Ebreo Da Pesaro, Anonymous, H. Buchner, J. Desprez, F. Caroso, J. P. Sweelinck, M. Praetorius, C. Negri and G. Farnaby
  • (V) Exotic Impressions (22 and 23 February 2019)
    • Presentation: Yvan Nommick
    • Momo Kodama
    • M. Ravel, C. Debussy, M. Ohana, E. Chabrier, E. Satie and R. B. Boulmier
  • (VI) Folias and Chaconnes (29 and 30 March 2019)
    • Presentation: Stefano Russomanno
    • Francesco Corti
    • J. H. D'Anglebert, A. Forqueray, F. Couperin and C. P. E. Bach
  • (VII) The Spirit of the People: Spanisches Liederbuch (24 and 25 May 2019)
    • Presentation: José Álvarez Junco
    • Sarah Fox, Thomas Oliemans and Malcolm Martineau
    • H. Wolf
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