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RNE at the Fundation

Live interview on Radio Clásica

From the auditorium.
Radio Clásica's Live Interview


These interviews and the concerts that follow them can also be heard once the live broadcast has finished, for a period of only six week, from RNE's "A la carta" on-line service http://www.rtve.es/alacarta/audios/fila–cero/

Only in spanish

  1. February
    Day 27

    Luis Gago entrevista a Alfonso de Vicente, musicólogo.

  2. March
    1. Day 6

      Andrés Amorós entrevista a María Nagore, musicóloga.

    2. Day 13

      Pepe Rey entrevista a Juan Carlos Asensio y Ana Fernández-Vega, directores.

    3. Day 20

      Pepe Rey entrevista a Tess Knighton, musicóloga y comisaria invitada del ciclo.