Tips for attending a concert

The main objective of the Fundación Juan March educational concerts is to stimulate students' aesthetic and musical experience. But attending a music recital is, in itself, a learning experience for students, many of whom are confronted with these kinds of events for the first time. This list of 10 tips is designed to assist the teacher in preparing students before they arrive at a concert at the Foundation.

Tips for attending a concert (PDF, 31 KB)

  • Clothing suitable

    Choose clothing suitable to the concert and venue

  • Punctuality

    Punctuality is a sign of respect towards the performers and the rest of the audience

  • Switching off mobile phones

    Switching off mobile phones and watch alarms before the concert helps avoid interruptions and disturbances during the performance

  • orderly and silent fashion

    Enter the auditorium in an orderly and silent fashion

  • Programa de mano

    The program is an informative guide and a gift from the organiser to take home with you. If you are able to read it before the concert, it will help to give you a better understanding of the performance

  • Tickets allocated by invitation

    In the event of tickets allocated by invitation, the organisation will distribute the audience throughout the concert hall

  • Applauds to welcome

    At the start of the concert, the concert hall will grow dark and the audience applauds to welcome the presenter and the performers. Soft lighting facilitates a more attentive listening

  • Silent and listen closely

    It is important to remain silent and listen closely during the concert or performance to avoid disturbing the performers and fellow members of the audience with movements or noises

  • Applause at the end of a complete work

    Applause should be reserved until the end of a complete work, the concert or, where appropriate, an encore. Applause is a sign of enthusiasm and gratitude to the artists for their efforts

  • Exit the concert in an orderly fashion

    Once the performers have left the stage, the lights will all be turned on. Please proceed to exit the concert hall and the building in an orderly fashion