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Works by Sebastián Mariné premiered at the Foundation

  • Sebastián Mariné
  • 1957
Number of performances: 9

  • Works premiered at the Foundation Works premiered at the Foundation

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Date Sorted in descending order Work Series / Concert Performer (Instrument)
04/03/2006SimbiosisThe piano duet, 4 hands (March - April 2006)Elena Aguado (piano)
Sebastián Mariné (piano)
13/04/2005Cuarteto de cuerda “Jorge González Aguilar”Four Spanish quartets (April 2005)Cuarteto "Español"
12/03/2005Sic, para saxo alto y pianoThe saxophone in Spain (March 2005)Dúo Miján-Mariné
10/05/2003Dones bones, para 2 pianos y 2 percusionistasAbout the percussion (2003) (May 2003)Neopercusion
Duncan Gifford (piano)
José Gallego (piano)
05/04/2003Ogni speranzaAbout the oboe (2003) (April 2003)Ricardo Gassent (oboe)
Sebastián Mariné (piano)
07/02/2000NUS. Con César sin cesarLunchtime Concerts (February 2000)Dúo "Johannes Brahms"
16/05/1998B 612Works premiered at the Foundation The violin against the strings (May 1998)Joaquín Torre (violin)
Sebastián Mariné (piano)
30/04/1997Jordi... JardíPremieres and Re-Premieres (30) (April 1997)María Antonia Rodríguez (recorder)
15/02/1997Sic, para saxo alto y pianoAround the saxophone (February 1997)Andrés Gomis (saxophone)
Kayoco Morimoto (piano)