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Works by José María Sánchez-Verdú premiered at the Foundation

Number of performances: 14

  • Works premiered at the Foundation Works premiered at the Foundation

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Date Sorted in descending order Work Series / Concert Performer (Instrument)
07/03/2018Arquitecturas del límite, para flauta, clarinete, violín, violonchelo y pianoThe East and Western Music (February - March 2018)Grup Instrumental de València
Joan Cerveró
15/03/2017Jardín de agua (Deploratio V - Pierre Boulez in memorian)Works premiered at the Foundation Premieres and Re-premieres 99 (March 2017)Alfonso Gómez (piano)
01/10/2016Deploratio III (Joaquín Homs in memoriam) Serenity: music to meditate (October 2016)Ricardo Descalzo (piano)
05/04/2014Arquitecturas del eco, para tres percusionistasMusic & Sound Art: the four elements (March - April 2014)Neopercusion
15/03/2014Arquitecturas de espejosThe accordion: original works & transcriptions (March 2014)Dúo Jeux d'Anches
08/03/2014ZuriaWorks premiered at the Foundation The accordion: original works & transcriptions (March 2014)Iñaki Alberdi (accordion)
30/10/2013Khôra IWorks premiered at the Foundation Premieres and Re-premieres (88) (October 2013)Sigma Project
10/03/2012Cuaderno de FriedenauThe Spanish guitar: from Sor to the twenty-first century (February - March 2012)Avelina Vidal Seara (guitar)
30/04/2008Como un soplo de luz y calorPremieres and Re-Premieres (67) (April 2008)Sonsoles Alonso (piano)
30/04/2008Deploratio III (Joaquín Homs in memoriam) Premieres and Re-Premieres (67) (April 2008)Sonsoles Alonso (piano)