Thematic Fridays

Popular and Art Music: Traces of Folklore

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“Popular” and “art” are categories frequently used in relation to music, yet their artificial nature means that these boundaries are often blurred. Throughout history and across the world, numerous classical composers have been inspired by popular music in creating their works. This series proposes to examine this question in an innovative way, combining classical- and popular-music performers on the one stage. Over seven concerts, audiences will hear traditional music from seven different geographical locations, together with the art music these pieces have inspired. Central and Southern Europe, the Caribbean, South American and Sub-Saharan Africa are the sources from which composers as diverse as Falla, Ligeti, Lecuona, Bartók and Piazzolla have drawn. Each concert will be preceded by a presentation given by a specialist, in which the keys to, and connections existing between, these apparently distant, but in reality very close worlds will be explained.

Concerts in this series