Wednesday Series

Recycle, Reuse, Recompose

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The prevailing ideology during the Romantic period wound up enforcing the notions of originality and the unpublished as integral elements of musical creation. This idea has thus overshadowed other compositional practices, common to all periods, based on the reuse of previous materials, in particular pre-existing melodies. A new style of work was conceived using these themes in which, notwithstanding, the borrowed material is consciously exposed. More than composition, the result could be termed a “recomposition”, a kind of palimpsest in which different periods, styles and discourses by different composers coexist. This series involves listening to a group of works created using this procedure: recompositions in which various layers are superimposed and, while they maintain the essence of a recognisable original, seem like something radically new.

Concerts in this series