Wednesday Series

Chopin and Posterity

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No other composer (perhaps with the exception of Schumann) was able to match the expressive heights Fryderyk Chopin reached with the piano. The refined sense of melody, the art of harmonic sophistication and the intuitive use of rhythmic motives make his piano legacy one of the most influential musical monuments. Prolonged for over a century, his legacy generated different views and images of this master composer, at times shaped by nationalist and ideological overtones. This series investigates his most important epigones who were linked to very different countries and aesthetics: from Scriabin, the mystic Russian composer, and the composer-pianists of fin-de-siècle Paris, to Polish virtuosos like Szymanoswky and Godowsky and Spanish post-Romantics including Granados and Mompou. Five programs that, with the pairing of the works, make for great comparative listening.

Concerts in this series