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Masters of Wisdom

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Globalisation is often perceived as an exclusively modern phenomenon and one in which, thanks to technology and travel, societies with little relationship to each other interact. Yet, there are examples that come from much earlier than our era.

Thus, approximately in the year 500 BC –or more broadly, between the years 800 and 200 BC– Confucius lived in China, Buddha in India, Zoroaster and his followers taught in Iran, the prophets emerged in Palestine, Tales and other sages lived in Greece..., and all of them raised similar questions, despite living in geographically distant places, speaking different languages and –to our knowledge– without knowing about each other.

This "Axial age", as Karl Jaspers termed it, encompasses a period of great spiritual and philosophical effervescence, a phenomenon that –considering the limits of the world as it was known at the time– has global characteristics, although it is based on the thinking of just a few. Zoroaster, Confucius, Buddha, Elijah, the Seven Sages of Greece... were prophets, masters or sages, whose words and writings reflect some of the most transcendental spiritual and philosophical concerns of humankind.

These figures will be the subjects of the lecture series titled "Masters of Wisdom", which will be presented by Carlos García Gual, Manuel Fraijó, Juan Arnau, Manuel Forcano and José Luis Sicre. Their lectures will review the paths that converted these men into sages, and will explore the times and spaces that helped to shape their ideas.

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