Lecture Series

Our Life is Chemistry

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Chemistry impregnates all of our activities and makes an essential contribution to solving the cardinal problems of Humanity. Our planet Earth has a series of particularities and natural resources that allow us to live. Notwithstanding, the ecological pressure of the human species has been substantially increasing from the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, demanding water, food, clothing, housing, etc. On the other hand, the continued increase in the number of inhabitants and their greater energy consumption, fundamentally based on fossil fuels, is causing a continuous increase in the concentration of carbon dioxide and other gases that cannot be absorbed by natural systems. Undoubtedly, in the twenty-first century, our planet needs chemistry and its permanent capacity to provide solutions to the growing and increasingly complex demands of our society.

This series, presented by the scientist Luis Oro, Emeritus Professor at the Universidad de Zaragoza, will discuss the positive and negative aspects of the use of certain elements and compounds and the possible corrective measures that may allow a sustainable development of our planet. The contribution of chemistry in the identification of environmental problems will also be presented, as well as Professor Oro’s proposals for minimising these effects or trying to overcome them.

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