Thematic Fridays

A History of the Quartet in Seven Concerts

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Among the different chamber-music genres, none has secured the social prestige and aesthetic consideration of the string quartet. Its true force lies in its four-part writing, the maximum the ear is able to comprehend at once. No other instrumental combination can reach the extremes of the field of sound, explore such a wide array of combinations of texture and give different functions to each instrument at the same time. Thus, the “invention” of the string quartet −which can be attributed to both Haydn and Boccherini− was a discovery of such lasting consequences that they are still palpable today.

The seven concerts in this series make up a chronological journey, from the origins of the string quartet in the 1760s until today, and present the genre’s most outstanding milestones. Each concert is preceded by a short presentation that contextualises the works in the program and provides some of the keys to listening to them.

Concerts in this series