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Iberia before Rome. The civilisations that inhabited the Peninsula

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Throughout history, many people have inhabited the Iberian Peninsula. The settlements of the successive civilisations, as well as the geographical transformations, hinder knowledge of the archaeological remains of each period. For this reason, many questions remain in relation to the study of those who inhabited the Peninsula in prehistoric and proto-historic times, and until the conquest of the Roman Empire.

In this series, the Professors of Prehistory Gonzalo Ruiz Zapatero and Teresa Chapa Brunet, the archaeological and historian Martín Almagro Gorbea and Sebastián Celestino, a researcher and Director of the CSIC Instituto de Arqueología in Mérida, will explore the territories of the Peninsula inhabited by the Celts, Iberians, Tartessians and the ancestors of the Basques.

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