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More than queens: Cleopatra

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Rosa María Cid, Professor of Ancient History at the Universidad de Oviedo and a specialist in the social and cultural history of women in Ancient Rome, will present two lectures, analysing the figure and image of Cleopatra, the last queen of the Ptolemaic dynasty and whose death marked the end of Egypt’s Hellenistic period.

Cleopatra’s biography has always sparked great interest, although –as Rosa María Cid affirms– few texts narrate the life of a queen, but rather the image of an Oriental woman who challenged the West. An impartial analysis of the sources of the period unearths a woman with sagacious political criteria who tried to defend her kingdom against Rome.

The queen’s eventful life made her a legend, often recreated as the life of a powerful, seductive, ambitious, capricious and even cruel woman. However, other images of the queen that have rarely appeared in literature, art or history are beginning to emerge.

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