Wednesday Series

The musical universe of Gerardo Diego

This series took place onFrom to

An immense poetic, critical and essayistic output emerged from Gerardo Diego’s exceptional passion for music. Diego’s output was grounded in the musical baggage of his formative years in Santander, Bilbao and Madrid and underpinned by the enviable relationship with the music and the musicians of his time. An excellent speaker, distinguished poet and outstanding pianist, this series of concerts alternates between readings and performance to explore the basic pillars of the musical universe of Gerardo Diego, who declared that: “There were three inventors of the piano. The first was called Frédéric Chopin. The second and the third, at the same time and by different paths and with different results, Claude Debussy and Alexander Scriabin.”

This series was initially programmed in May 2020.

Concerts in this series