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Marcus Tullius Cicero: his life, his work, his time

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What will history say about me in six hundred years? wondered Marcus Tullius Cicero (106-43 BC), for whom the greatest reward for virtue was glory. And he achieved this because, twenty-two centuries later, his life still awakens much interest.

Unlike other figures from Antiquity, much in known about his public life and work, not only because it has interested historians of different periods, but as a result of his enormous literary productivity with works that are very varied in content: rhetoric, philosophy, political theory, religious themes and poems, writings that are complemented by the hundreds of letters written by Cicero himself.

This series, presented by Francisco Pina Polo, Professor of Ancient History at the Universidad de Zaragoza, aims to analyse his time and his work, as well as reveal his human side, his greatness and his weaknesses, ultimately to provide a better understanding of Marcos Tullius Cicero, whose tragic death in the year 43 BC deprived Rome of its last great speakers. The second session will feature a dramatized reading of Cicero’s texts by José María Pou.

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