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En torno a John Keats

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Presented by the poet, critic, translator and lecturer in Literature Theory Ángel Rupérez, this series of two lectures about the poet John Keats (London, 1795-Rome, 1821) will discuss the works and different facets of the Romantic writer. The author of poems like EndymionOde to a Grecian Urn, Ode to a Nightingale and Ode to Autumn fervently devoted his youth –he died of tuberculosis at age 25– to poetic creation; his compositions reveal his concept of beauty as absolute truth and the search for knowledge through feelings, sensations and imagination.

Several determining factors when outlining Keats’ personality, such as the intertwining and interaction between life and poetry, recurring economic problems, family responsibilities and his ill health, will be analysed in order to comprehend one of the most outstanding, brilliant and enigmatic figures of English Romanticism.

In regard to the anthology of letters by John Keats (Cartas), edited and translated by Ángel Rupérez (2020), the speaker contends that they are "one of the most fascinating literary documents of recent English literature, among other reasons because they offer a window into Keats’ real life exactly as it was and as it had occurred, in certain settings that had little to do with those that appear in his poems."

In the second session, the actor David Luque will present a dramatised reading of poems and letters by John Keats.

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