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2nd Twentieth-century Spanish Music Series

This series took place onFrom to
This series, organised in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture, consisted of works by different twentieth-century composers and representative of various trends. The first concert featured songs by composers with aesthetics related to Neoclassicism and Regionalism, such as Julio Gómez, Jesús Arámbarri, María Rodrigo, José María Franco and Ernesto Halffter. The second consisted of more experimental works by Llorenç Barber, Jordi Francés, Amadeu Marín and Juan Hidalgo, composers influenced by the Fluxus movement. The third concert was made up of organ works by Jesús Guridi, Tomás Garbizu, Francisco Llácer Pla, Francisco Escudero, Jordi Alcaraz and Carlos Cruz de Castro, noted figures in the overhaul of the repertory for this instrument that took place throughout the twentieth century.

Concerts in this series