Thematic Mondays

Music for a good death

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There does not seem to be a crucial moment in the life of a human being that takes place in silence; whatever its nature –festive, commemorative or tragic– it always seems to come accompanied by music. Yet the transition from the earthly to the celestial world, according to the prevailing religious view in the West, is undoubtedly the most important moment. This series presents a selection of musics from very different periods that were conceived to propitiate a good death. That is, works whose role was not only to facilitate the transition between two worlds or to commemorate the death of Jesus Christ, but to pay homage to the deceased, mourn the death of a loved one or recall the transience of our existence.

Musics for a good death presents eight concerts with works from the Medieval period until the twentieth century related to death in a real or metaphoric sense.

Concerts in this series