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Eclipsed by Domenico Scarlatti

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Among the composers active in Spain during the early modern period, none has sparked as much interest among performers and aficionados as Domenico Scarlatti. He had already obtained a certain notoriety in the eighteenth century, as the many editions of his works printed in London and Paris confirm, as well as the numerous manuscripts that circulated with his works. It is sometimes forgotten that for nearly three decades Scarlatti shared the Portuguese and Spanish stages with other talented composers whose works were ultimately eclipsed by the Neapolitan’s powerful shadow. Composers including Sebastián de Albero, José Elías, Antonio Soler, Manuel Blasco de Nebra and Carlos Seixas have been considered as mere epigones or simple followers of Scarlatti. It is precisely this idea that this series wants to challenge: to show the merit of the outputs of these forgotten composers, who now deserve an important place in music history in their own right.

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