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Virtuoso Training: Études for Piano

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The emergence of the piano during the nineteenth century as the reference instrument for virtuosity ultimately consolidated the piano étude as a musical genre in its own right. This series emphasizes the artistic importance of this repertory, which, despite its name, entails more than just mere technical training. From concert études to didactic instrumental and virtuosic études, the programs in this series combine some of the classic composers of the genre (Schumann, Liszt and Rachmaninov), with others whose works are heard more infrequently (Moscheles, Szymanowski and Dohnányi). In two of the concerts, the études will be presented in dialogue: Ligeti continuing Scarlatti’s mechanicalness and Godowski paraphrasing Chopin, with works almost physically impossible to execute, thus confirming the étude’s role in virtuoso training, but at the same time aesthetic performance.

Concerts in this series